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Welcome, it is great to have you here on our site.

This website was created to provide you with interesting, in-depth information about a variety of health-related topics, such as diseases and illnesses, weight loss, and how to deal with emergencies like positioning.

Your health is very important – and we take it seriously too. This website was created to give you a ‘starting point’ for all your health and wellness queries.

On this site you will information on many different topics, ranging from male pattern baldness to rosacea, from the benefits of gambling in seniors to green tea. We cover it all! Have a look around, you may learn something new! (Like, did you know it is the liver that takes food and drink and turns it into energy? Or that it doesn’t matter if you make your tea with hot or cold water?) Or if you’re looking for something specific – like why men go bald (spoiler – it is down to age, genetics, and hormones) or how to lower cholesterol naturally (more fiber, less fat), then simply use the search function.

Disclaimer: This website for informational purposes only. The articles on this site should not be construed as a diagnosis or used to develop a treatment plan, or in any way replace a healthcare professional. This website aims to provide factual, well-researched information on health and wellness related topics but is not a replacement for a healthcare professional. We do not accept any liability for any negative outcomes that may occur based on the information on this site.

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