Health Benefits of Gambling for Seniors

A Yale University study on the effects of gambling has found some surprising results – when comparing seniors aged 65 and older, those that took part in recreational gambling were healthier than those who didn’t!

This is quite the opposite of what the researchers expected – and the opposite of what most people would expect, too.

The study was conducted via telephone interviews by a survey firm for researchers at Yale University – an American private Ivy League research university situated in New Haven, Connecticut and one of the top research universities in the United States. The researcher’s surveyed seniors aged 65 and up, and found two very interesting key findings, as presented by Yale epidemiologist Rani Desai.

  • 1) Those who took part in gambling recreationally reported being in better health when compared to their peers who didn’t take part in gambling.
  • 2) When compared to younger recreational gamblers, they reported less depression, alcoholism, imprisonment and bankruptcy.

It is important to keep in mind that it not necessarily that gambling leads to better health. What this study showed was that recreational gamblers tended to be healthier. This could be for many reasons – the increased mental and physical activity, the social interaction, and so on.

The study was conducted by a survey firm hired by the researchers at Yale. The firm conducted the survey of 2400 respondents by calling them on the telephone and asking a series of questions. The results of the survey are dependent on how open and honest the respondents are with regards to their gambling habits, their health, and the personal information. The study was conducted with recreational gamblers specifically, and not with people who had gambling problems.

For those players who find that gambling is starting to interfere with their personal life such as work, family, or school, it is important to get help soon and get it under control.

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