The ‘skinny’ on Green Tea

Green Tea is an ideal choice of beverage to get into the habit of drinking. Apart from the healthy compounds and benefits of green tea itself is that way that it is drunk. It is most often consumed without sweetener and without milk – making it a drink that is easier to consume in a healthy fashion. This is in contrast to coffee which as we all know is usually had with sugar and milk. Besides the milk having cholesterol, there are also hormones, chemicals. Many non-dairy milks also come with added sugar.

Green tea has been used extensively in the Asian world for thousands of years, most notably in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments.

Green tea possesses antioxidants which are preserved in the way green tea is prepared, in comparison to other teas. It also contains some B vitamins, naturally found folic acid, potassium, magnesium and catechins.

Although many of the health benefits are anecdotal with little to no evidence to support them, it is still a healthy drink to have in moderation. But beware of consuming the tea specifically to ‘cure’ yourself of any ailments.

Green tea has caffeine which should be avoided by those with sensitive stomachs like those who have irritable bowel syndrome. The effects for many people who have IBS isn’t as bad though when compared to coffee, making green tea an excellent choice for those who can’t have coffee but would like to get their caffeine.

Hot or cold?

It is commonly thought that to get any benefits from tea, it needs to be steeped in hot tea in order to get the nutrients out. In fact, it doesn’t matter if the water is cold or hot, as long as the tea bag or tea leaves are steeped for long enough. Between 2 to 5 minutes is ideal.

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