Why fruit juice isn’t as healthy as you think

If you were brought as so many of us were that fruit juice is healthy, you have been lied to.

Firstly the concept that fruit juice is healthy stems from the belief that because it comes from a fruit and fruits are healthy thus is must be healthy. However many if not most juices available in the supermarkets are diluted and mixed most often with apple, or grape juice which has a significantly larger effect on the blood sugar levels than other juices. The benefits of the fruit often can be lost in the heavily manufactured processing of the juice from boiling to a whole host of other processes in order to make it last longer on the shelf all of which affect its nutrient value.

Another really important consideration is that when a fruit is juiced it loses most of its fibre – this is really important because it is the fiber that slows down the absorption of the sugar in our blood. Fruit juice spikes your blood sugar very high.

If you compare the sugar value in most commercially available ‘fruit juices’ to other so-called ‘unhealthy’ drinks, you will be surprised how much there is and even how similar the level can be to Coca-Cola sugar levels. Some people dilute their fruit juice to be healthier but really this is no different to diluting any other sugared beverage whether sugared by nature or manufacture.

Quite simply if the fruit juice you are having is as natural as possible – in other words, it is pressed immediately before drinking and doesn’t have chemicals added to it – then it is indeed healthy but only in moderation as it is still a beverage high in sugar. But freshly squeezed juices not only taste far superior but their nutritive value is not largely lost.

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